During school closings, extracurricular classes such as JMA play an important role to help young students finish the year strong and prepare for the fall. The "new normal" affords JMA's program endless opportunities to enhance dynamic learning. Our online experience is as engaging as our person-to-person classes. The technology makes collaboration more exciting. Everyone is eager to share their ideas with drawing tools and learn from each other. Learning something new leads to more excitement and promotes further learning. 

At Japanese Math Academy, we believe students in grades 1 to 8 learn best when they master a skill and become capable of sharing new knowledge with their peers. We share the tools to help them think. Once they master a skill, it's up to them to apply the know-how to everyday tasks. They use percentages and ratios to make lemonade, calculate savings to buy their favorite sneakers, map out the time to reach a destination, use fractions to negotiate screen time with parents or approximate an angle for a perfect penalty kick or a free throw. Students are constantly using math.     

All children are curious. When their innate interests are ignited, they crave more knowledge. When they lose interest, they stop learning and confidence as a result. Learning math, or any other subject for that matter, should not be a chore and an optional duty forced on them. They don't need to aspire to become the next Einstein. Their career aspiration can be a doctor, a lawyer, a basketball player, an actress or a politician to enjoy math. Math is a transferrable subject that will help any students find a logical path out when they hit the wall. It will help them figure out where to go and plan how to get there. 

We are excited to share our experience. To sign up, email info@japanesemath.org for more information.

JMA Online Class Advantage

Small class size of up to 4 students per class in 2 different levels

Personalized support in group environment

Active whiteboard collaboration

Emphasis on real time learning and no homework 

Just have fun!

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