Japanese Math Academy is a premier after-school math enrichment program for students in grades 1 to 8. Our mission is to provide quality education to students of every opportunity and of different learning types and transform under-challenged or under-confident students into creative problem-solvers.


Some students begin to feel under-challenged in traditional classrooms while others start losing confidence when they can no longer get answers by rote memorization and speedy problem-solving as they did in younger grades. JMA helps both types of students start enjoying math using a time-tested unique method of visualizing concepts that teaches young learners to independently think, reason and solve problems in the most relevant sequence.


Our students develop lifelong habits of analytical thinking, measure up on a global scale and prepare for their future pursuit. The demands of the global economy are increasing pressure on students to be far better educated in math.  No matter where their future lies, JMA will help the students see the vision of success at an early age and lay the foundation to get there. When they gain the skill and the knowledge they never thought that they needed, they will feel invincible and take control of their own future.

JMA Online Class Advantage

Small class size of up to 4 students per class in 2 different levels

Personalized support in group environment

Active whiteboard collaboration

Emphasis on real time learning and no homework 

Experiment based problem solving

Pilar Botana Martinez

My daughter took 5th grade math at JMA last year and we saw the results in weeks. Her math solving skills improved greatly and she now feels super confident about 6th grade math. The Japanese math method is based on breaking problems into smaller, logical pieces, which helped my daughter “navigate and digest” complex mathematical concepts with ease.  Hiroko is a great teacher, thoughtful, respectful, and patient, who can adapt to the different learning styles of the students. Because of the COVID pandemic, classes had to be moved from in-person to video conference, and Hiroko quickly adapted to the virtual environment and classes where held with the same schedule, format, and attention to detail. Last year my younger daughter in 1st grade participated in a pilot program and actually enjoyed it! She’s now enrolled for the fall term, so she can build a solid math foundation early on.

Deane Coady

Retired teacher with Wayland Public Schools

I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I was when my two grandkids, ages 6 and 9, started math tutoring with Hiroko.  COVID hit, schools were closed, and I scrambled to help my daughter and son-in-law put together a home schooling plan.  Knowing that math would be professionally taught took away some of the pressure we were feeling.  We had enough to cover with reading, writing, science and social studies, not to mention extra curricular activities. I asked my fourth grader granddaughter what she thought of the tutoring with Hiroko: “It helped me understand math better.”  My first grader grandson said: “I liked it better than math in school.  I liked doing the mazes; sometimes there was a giant monster, if I did the wrong answer!”

Hiroko is a calm, patient, personable teacher.  My grandkids felt very relaxed and engaged throughout the lessons.  Thank you Hiroko.

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