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Japanese Math Academy is an after-school math enrichment program committed to inspiring students from 1st through 10th grades to excel in mathematics. Our mission is to foster a positive learning environment conducive to individual growth, cultivating essential life skills and empowering every student to reach their full potential.

While we adhere to the Japanese math curriculum, it's important to note that all classes are conducted exclusively in English. This ensures accessibility and inclusivity for all students, regardless of their language background.

What sets JMA apart

Small Class Size

Encouraging active learning, group work is an integral part of our approach. To tailor the content to the unique requirements of each group, we maintain small class sizes, typically limited to 4-5 students. This ensures personalized attention and fosters meaningful interactions among peers, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Depth not volume

Rather than covering a vast array of topics superficially, prioritizing depth allows learners to delve deeply into select subjects, grasping their intricacies and nuances. This approach encourages critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to make meaningful connections between ideas.

Content Sequence

Strategically arranging and presenting content enhances learners' understanding by providing a clear framework for absorption and retention.

When content is meaningful and directly relevant to learners' interests or needs, it not only facilitates comprehension but also fosters deeper engagement and motivation to learn.

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Pilar Botana Martinez

My daughter took 5th grade math at JMA last year and we saw the results in weeks. Her math solving skills improved greatly and she now feels super confident about 6th grade math. The Japanese math method is based on breaking problems into smaller, logical pieces, which helped my daughter “navigate and digest” complex mathematical concepts with ease.  Hiroko is a great teacher, thoughtful, respectful, and patient, who can adapt to the different learning styles of the students. Because of the COVID pandemic, classes had to be moved from in-person to video conference, and Hiroko quickly adapted to the virtual environment and classes where held with the same schedule, format, and attention to detail. Last year my younger daughter in 1st grade participated in a pilot program and actually enjoyed it! She’s now enrolled for the fall term, so she can build a solid math foundation early on.


Deane Coady

Retired teacher with Wayland Public Schools

I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I was when my two grandkids, ages 6 and 9, started math tutoring with Hiroko.  COVID hit, schools were closed, and I scrambled to help my daughter and son-in-law put together a home schooling plan.  Knowing that math would be professionally taught took away some of the pressure we were feeling.  We had enough to cover with reading, writing, science and social studies, not to mention extra curricular activities. I asked my fourth grader granddaughter what she thought of the tutoring with Hiroko: “It helped me understand math better.”  My first grader grandson said: “I liked it better than math in school.  I liked doing the mazes; sometimes there was a giant monster, if I did the wrong answer!”

Hiroko is a calm, patient, personable teacher.  My grandkids felt very relaxed and engaged throughout the lessons.  Thank you Hiroko.

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Parent, Ridley School

Our son has been working with Hiroko at the JMA for almost three years. The overall experience has been fantastic. Hiroko has a deep understanding and appreciation for math curricula and how the JMA approach fits into what a child is learning in school. She also is an incredibly kind person with a clear passion for education. Her differentiated system adjusts to a child’s abilities and endeavors to instill a true understanding of math.  While JMA is rigorous, it does not inundate a student with an unreasonable workload. We are so thankful for having found JMA as it has been such an important part of our son’s growth in mathematics. 

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Parent, Ridley School

JMA has been instrumental in building confidence in math for my 5th grade son (we started when he was in 3rd grade). 

Hiroko is very patient, calm and encouraging in teaching math concepts in a way that he can digest and at his level.  I have seen significant improvement in my son's comfort level when faced with math problems and we are grateful for the support that JMA has been throughout his learning process. 

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