Japanese Math Academy is an after school math enrichment program for students from grades K to 8. JMA's mission is to help elementary and middle school students build the foundation to excel in high school and beyond.

At JMA, math is not a list of rules to be memorized but a way of looking at the world that really makes sence.​ Our unique method of visualizing concepts in the most effective progression is designed to help students of all types independently think, reason and solve problems. JMA helps students develop lifelong habits of analytical thinking and an innovative approach essential to measure up on a global scale and prepare for their future pursuit. No matter where their future lies, JMA will help them develop the vision of success at an early age and lay the foundation to get there.

JMA Advantage

Small class size of up to 5 students

Unique method to learn how to think

Progression plans designed to develop independent learning

Problem solving by visualization

Long term planning and transition support

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