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Why Japanese Math?

Japanese Math has been at the forefront of mathematical education for grades 1 to 12. In Japan, educators believe learning math is no different from learning basic social skills — both are necessary for everyday life. Learning math is not memorizing formulas but a creative process that students will apply to solve life's problems in the future.

Life is constantly presenting us with problems that don’t have clear answers, which is why we’ve borrowed what's applicable to the needs of U.S. students from Japan's unique time-tested teaching method. 

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Why Math?

"Why do I have to study math?" is a common question students pose. Many mathematical concepts taught at school may not seem to have practical applications for the vast majority of students. The importance of math can be seen in hidden ways and in everyday usage. Scientific studies have found that high-performing children are associated with various cognitive tasks involving visual attention and decision-making. Our visualization program trains students of all levels to arrive at logical solutions and prepare their minds for the future. Math is a universal language. They can take it to any field anywhere in the world.  

Evaluation and Placement

Levels are based on Japanese grades, which do not correspond to the grades in the U.S. The class placement is determined during the initial evaluation.  No commitment is necessary to take an assessment test. 

Online Learning
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