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Why Japanese Math?

Japanese Math stands as a pioneer in mathematical education spanning grades 1 through 12. In Japan, educators emphasize that mastering math is akin to acquiring fundamental social skills, both indispensable for navigating daily life. Rather than rote memorization of formulas, Japanese Math views learning as a dynamic, creative process, equipping students with problem-solving skills applicable to real-world challenges. Recognizing the universal nature of life's complexities, we integrate Japan's proven teaching methodologies into our curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of students in the United States.

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Evaluation and Placement

Levels are based on Japanese grades, which do not correspond to the grades in the U.S. The class placement is determined during the initial evaluation.  No commitment is necessary to take an assessment test. 

Our program ensures that advanced students are not held back while also providing support for struggling students to prevent them from falling behind. We believe that students build confidence when they realize they are making progress beyond the class level.

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Why Math?

The question 'Why do I have to study math?' often arises among students, as many mathematical concepts taught in school may appear disconnected from practical applications. However, the significance of math extends beyond immediate perception and is woven into everyday usage in subtle ways. Scientific research underscores the correlation between proficiency in math and enhanced cognitive abilities, particularly in tasks involving visual attention and decision-making. Through our visualization program, designed for students at all levels, we cultivate the capacity to arrive at logical solutions, preparing minds for the challenges of the future. Math serves as a universal language, transcending boundaries and finding relevance in every field worldwide

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