What Is Japanese Math?

It's not anything new. Just the way Marie Kondo promotes tyding the space to transform life, math instruction can transform learning. Learning sparks young students' joy. Just the same way Marie Kondo doesn't clean, we don't teach, either. We guide them find their own way. After the first class, students say they didn't think studying math was so much fun!

Why Japanese Math?

We often hear "Why do I have to study math?". Many mathematical concepts taught at school may not seem to have practical applications for vast majority of students. Conventionally, math is taught as a fact, name, notation, or usage. Japanese math teaches realistic mathematics that enables students to make sense of formal math. When the simplest form of math is progression in a logical order and the problem situation is experientially real to the students, the question is no longer "why do I do it" but "how should I do it".  We visualize what the final outcome would look like and figure out what knowledge and tools are required to reach the outcome. 

Instructional Design

Japanese teaching focuses on teaching for conceptual understanding. Japanese math is based on problem solving and teaches how to invent solutions. Teachers provide a context for the lesson so that what follows has greater meaning than merely getting the correct answer on a worksheet. Students are not arithmetic geniuses but become skilled problem solvers. Actually, anything goes as long as students have fun.

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