Hiroko Aspi

Founder & Executive Director

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Welcome to JMA! My name is Hiroko Aspi. My students call me Hiroko. 

The Japanese math program, in which I was enrolled in my elementary and middle school days, started with only 8 students but proved to be so effective that it prepared all of us for success in exclusive high schools. I am excited about propagating the learning from this program and helping the next generation of leaders.   

Like a compass that aides a boat in the dark (or google maps?), Japanese math guides young students on the most practical paths to reach various destinations. Young students may not have a specific goal right now. But we will help prepare each and every one of them and prioritize to  build the necessary skills to narrow down a variety of options     

The truth is this. I am not a mathematician and never had to use the quadratic formula or Euler's Theorem in my professional life. But the problem-solving skills I learned in math prepared me to work as a management consultant. Developing a strategy required seeing the big picture and prioritizing actions to make the best case. The Japanese math program I teach helps young students develop the skill sets transferable in any professional field. 


Learning math does not necessarily bring joy to all students. JMA can help students see that math is a way of making sense of the world around us. It is not only seeing patterns and relationships in numbers, shapes, and information but also real life. Math gives everyone the power to think and reason for oneself. 

I'll see you soon!